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Monica Pipia

Lexington KY Mackinac Island MI Middlesburg VA

Gallery representation and artist studio with horse painting

Mackinac Little Gallery


Gallery is open May through end of October but ships year round.

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Sorella Gellatoria

Sorella Gellatoria
219 N Limestone
Lexington Kentucky 40507

Curated by Becky Ochenkoski

Phone 859-948-1452

Circle Garden Studio


Enrichment Grant Awarded from the Kentucky Foundation of Women helped convert Garage into a 4 season Painting Studio.

Moblie Gallery


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Artwork @ McBrayer McGinnis Law Firm, Keystone Wealth Management and Hillard Lyons.

Under-Main Review

American Horse and  Hound 
Acrylic on Canvas
72 x 48 x 1 3/8

 American Horse and Hound

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Byrne Galley


Wonderful Galley  just outside of D.C.